Because every Human has the right to reclaim their human dignity, and as the arrival in a new country in extremely precarious conditions require an access to first necessity products, we are raising funds to furnish Welcome Pack to refugees and asylum seekers in Paris. Blankets, asylum seeker’s guide, sim cards or sleeping bags enable our volunteers to provide an emergency aid to the newcomers in Paris.

  • For 5€, you are funding a pack with a blanket and an asylum seeker’s guide;

  • For 10€, a blanket, an asylum seeker’s guide, and a loaded sim card (to call OFPRA and its surcharged number in order to begin an asylum application procedure);

  • For 17€, you are funding a blanket, an asylum seeker’s guide, a loaded sim card and a sleeping bag.

SPRH is an association recognised of general interest, so your donation will be TAX-FREE UP TO 66 % !

Help us to distribute as many packs as possible !


Account number : 65035139065

IBAN ( International Bank Account Number ) :

FR76 1820 6000 5565 0351 3906 545

Code BIC ( Bank Identification Code ) - Code SWIFT :


We need you!

Sciences Po Refugee Help, Association loi 1901

50 rue des Tournelles 75003 Paris, France