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Sciences Po Refugee Help’s Asylum Aid Team works predominantly with asylum seekers in the streets or placed in housing centres. Our team also accompanies and advises particularly vulnerable populations, and conducts research projects linked to the right to asylum. Our Team’s primary aim is to uphold the rights of asylum seekers, including due process, access to healthcare and access to housing, drawing from a detailed understanding of relevant procedures and their implementation. All of our volunteers are trained on the asylum  process in France.

Our Mobile Clinics

Our mobile teams consist of volunteers trained in the French asylum seeking process and translators. This team organises mobile street clinics each weeknight, making rounds around north Paris to meet homeless asylum seekers and refugees. During these street rounds, volunteers distribute informative documents on the asylum seeking process, answer various questions on issues encountered, and where applicable, redirect cases towards legal clinics where lawyers are freely accessible. Our team also uses these street visits to gather information on the situation on the ground (vulnerable populations, administrative delays, etc.), assembling data and sharing certain facts and figures with partner organisations like the UNHCR in Paris.

Our Legal Clinic

Our legal clinic is composed of volunteers specifically trained in the drafting of asylum seeker’s ‘personal story’, required within their asylum request application. Volunteers also help asylum seekers prepare their interview with the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons, a key step in the asylum process. Once a week, in La Maison des Initiatives Étudiantes' offices, our team welcomes asylum seekers whose interviews are soon due, and walks them through the interview process, going over their personal story, and coaching them so as to best prepare them for this crucial and life-determining step.

Our Family Team

Our family team is composed of volunteers specifically trained in the asylum seeking process as it applies to families. Our team provides support to particularly vulnerable people by monitoring their administrative situation, and accompanying them throughout those different steps in the asylum seeking process. Where necessary, our volunteers also offer temporary housing solutions in order to prevent vulnerable individuals from sleeping outside (be it through private accommodation or paying for overnight hostels).

Housing Centres

Composed of over a dozen active members, the asylum aid team dedicated to housing centres currently intervenes in four housing centres in Paris: the Albin Peyron residence, the Boulogne center, the Pré St Gervais center and La Promesse de l'Aube. All interventions are done with the centre’s accord, and within a wider partnership with the organisation running them (e.g. Association Aurore, who runs both CHUs). The aim of these partnerships is to:

  • Ensure a better access to rights for asylum seekers and recognised refugees. Due to language barriers, and the complexity of relevant administrative procedures, many individuals lack information on their rights and responsibilities in France. Our work therefore focuses on providing each person with an overview of their rights in France, and informing them of the different procedures they are responsible for.

  • Monitor certain, individual cases; housing centres often welcome a  high number of residents, without necessarily having those human resources necessary for individual follow-ups. Our work seeks to remedy this gap, complementing their work and offering them support on certain, complex cases, or  accompaniments to administrative offices.

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