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Our research team  

Our  Research Team

This team performs legal and non legal research on the implementing of the right to asylum in France, in order to provide accurate and up to date information to those other actors on the ground assisting asylum seekers. Since November 2016, our team has specifically been working on a project regarding asylum seeker transfers to Bulgaria, under the Dublin regulations (see our infograph): these transfers raise serious human rights concerns given Bulgaria’s recorded mistreatment of asylum seekers. Our final report draws from: existing reports from various NGOs and international organisations working on the asylum system in Bulgaria (which tend to point towards serious flaws); testimonies gathered by Sciences Po Refugee Help from asylum seekers having passed through Bulgaria; and a study of European jurisprudence and national court decisions annulling transfers to Bulgaria out of fear that the concerned person’s fundamental human rights would be violated. Our report’s conclusions were added to a ‘toolbox’ or ‘legal kit’ for lawyers contesting transfers to Bulgaria, whom our volunteers work with. The aim is to consolidate and share all relevant information in order to obtain a country-wide ban on these kinds of transfers.

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