There are three branches in our awareness team:

  1. Concretely, Awareness rainsing in schools consists of connecting with schools with whom we would like to share the information on the definition, legal rights, challenges and opportunities of refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants; as well as preparing the presentation materials for volunteers from the association who work on the ground when they share the information and experience (possibily with a refugee/asylum seeker/ migrant) with the schools to raise awareness on the situations on the ground.

  2. Research and Advocacy has the potential to be the core function of Awareness, as it is a systematic endeavor to investigate, to explore, and to discuss the different relevant aspects of the daily realities, legal rights and obligations, opportunities and challenges of refugees/ asylum seekers/ migrants. The research could be flexibly organized, depending on the research interests and competencies of the volunteers and the requirements of various “call for papers”, be it individual papers with different subjects, or group papers with an overarching theme. The results of researches will be profoundly sent to the call for papers, and be published and presented during the regular conferences organized by Sciences Po Refugee Help (SPRH). 

  3. Events have a strong link with Research and Advocacy, as mentioned, the results of research endeavors will be published and presented in conferences of SPRH on a rolling basis. Meanwhile, volunteers would also be invited to to help organize those conferences and other awareness raising events.

Jing-Syuan Wong
Awareness Coordinator