How We Work


Our association is currently structured with five teams each with a specific focus to combat different obstacles in the lives of refugees. These teams are overseen and organised by one or more individuals as "Coordinators" and a board member. 

As each team individually adapts to an ever-evolving ground situation, sub-teams, working groups or rosters are spontaneously created and mandated for specific tasks so that we can keep effective and innovative in the face of changing dynamics on the ground.

Meet the board

Lisa Bellinghausn


Hi! My name is Lisa and I’m the president of Sciences Po Refugee Help for this year. Originally from Cologne, Germany, I study the Master of Economics and Public Policy at Sciences Po Paris. I am extremely excited to continue the development of our association and form new partnerships and initiatives that will allow us to help refugees even more than before!

Ffion Bright

Communications & Events Director

Hi everyone! My name is Ffion and I'm a second year student excited to be on your board this year. Coming from the UK, I am used to seeing negative portrays of refugees expecially those crossing the channel. I want to be part of a team that tells reflects the true refugees stories away from a one-sided political agenda and makes a real difference! I am looking forward to do that this year with SPRH.

Guillemette Rupied


Hi! I’m Guillemette, a second year student, passionate about contributing to the integration of people in exile, especially during the long and uncertain asylum procedure. I believe it's important to participate in long term support to protect the dignity and the agency of every displaced person. I’m very happy to be the treasurer of SPRH this year!

Lili Cordesse

Secretary General

Hello everyone, I am Lili, the secretary general for this year. Based in Paris, I am currently in 2A studying Humanities. Passionate about immigration, both its history and politics. I began to help exiled pwople at 16, and I'm particularly happy to be continuing the mission with SPRH and its volunteers, to campaign for an inclusive, supportive and humane welcome

Meet the coordinators

Don't forget to go to each team's page to get to know our coordinators and their motivations better