Our Volunteers


"I am so happy that students from Sciences Po have founded Sciences Po Refugee Help. What they are doing is an honour to Sciences Po, and goes towards supporting the values in which we believe, of openness and generosity."

Frédéric MION

Former Director of Sciences Po 

Exclusively composed of students, our volunteers form the backbone of our association. Committing, on average, to a minimum of three hours of association-related work per week, they are the reason Sciences Po Refugee Help can boast a daily presence in the streets and housing centres of Paris.   All volunteers who join us are bound by an official, Sciences Po Refugee Help Code of Conduct

Volunteer roles and responsibilities are also outlined in the Sciences Po Refugee Help Constitution.  On top of being a recognised student association, Sciences Po Refugee Help is a recognised, 1901 law association (see our  "Official Association Birth Certificate", issued by the french Prefecture de Police and published in the Journal of the French Administration).  This allows our volunteers to operate within an established legal framework as our association is recognised and indexed in the SIRENE roster.